A week into the VOID pt.1

Hey guys just wanted to share a quick update on what’s going on and what waits ahead. The team decided to take a few days of since the project was taking a toll on us, but now we are back and will continue development as per usual.

At this point we no longer worry about the price action and are concentrated more about fulfilling the initial plans. Once we can test out our planned concept only then we can understand how we should be moving forward.

So how did the first week of our project go ?

Let’s talk about the price

What about the farms ?


Right now we are in the process of working on the API as well as smart contacts which will remain mostly in tact, albeit might need a bit of modification. We are planning to take snapshot so time this week when we are sure that farms are ready. Please note that this timeframe is not final and may still change.
After snapshot is taken we will release the $NOVA contract, distribute the tokens based on the snapshot and will provide and lock LP. Additionally we are going to pour what little resources that we have left in to marketing to make sure that as many potential investors are aware of existence of $VOID/$NOVA.

Thank you for reading and supporting our cause.