Birth of Nigma Finance

After many months participating in different defi projects our team at Nigma finance decided to create something that would allow the token to retain value for a long time and would benefit HODLers.

We have decided to to start by creating an RFI token. RFI works by applying a certain % fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token. However this is just the start to get

This is how the project was born, but we do have some plans for the future.

Our plan is to build a community around our token and allow early participants to earn additional benefits during launch of each phase of the project.

Phases would include an RFI token $VOID with a slowly burn supply via transaction fees and $NOVA farming/staking protocol which will be used in yield farming and staking.

$VOID → $NOVA → $VOID1 → $NOVA1 → $VOID2 → etc

Each phase will give a head start to existing holders which in theory should allow tokens to retain value and combat deflation.

From our end we will try to put the our biggest effort in marketing and creating awareness around NIGMA FINANCE.

The journey has started let’s see where this takes us.