Presale results and future plans

Despite not being able to reach the presale soft cap we are still happy about the amount of feedback received from community. This makes us think that we are moving in the right direction just a few tweaks are needed. We have learned quite a lot from this presale and we are definitely going to apply these learning going forward.

Results of the presale

We were able to attract 24 participants and get almost 10% of hard cap funded. Although might not seem like much, it’s still a result and we are proud that some people believed in our project. Perhaps we were too ambitions in our plans and have set a goal that was a bit too high. In the past few days we have interacted with hundreds of different people and receive so much feedback. We are really thankful for those who have participated in the presale and interacted with our TG group.

Unfortunately not reaching the presale goal would hinder our expected budgets and will not allow to pour additional resources in to development. Meaning that features might come out slower then expected. Despite that are not going to give up and will continue working on the project.

So what’s next ?

Before the presale even started we have tried to consider all the “what if?” scenarios and not being able to to fill the presale was one of them. We have already developed a backup plan.

Here’s what we are planning to do next:

•Provide our own funds for liquidity
•Lockup LP in for 14 days
•Distribute airdrop and promotional tokens
•Fair launch on PancakeSwap
•Audit from BSC checker
•Audit from TechRate(in progress)

We would need some more time to reassess the results of launch to map out our further steps accordingly. More announcements will be made later this week.

Thank you for reading and onwards!




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