Sneak peak into upcoming farms and birth of $NOVA token

Nigma Defi
3 min readApr 8, 2021


First week after launch of Nigma Finance had it’s ups and downs, yet overall sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. Now our team is super confident that our concept works, so we decided to shed some light on the upcoming features we are planning to bring to the table. Defi space is still in it’s infantry so there is a lot of room to innovate and experiment. We are not going anywhere and out project is here to stay. Our mission is to continuously reward and create value for our holders.

I heard you like farming 🚜

Yield farming on decentralized platform has been an exciting activity and seems to attract a lot of potential investors. We had this in mind we launching our first token $VOID. Our goal was to reward $VOID holders with free tokens that can be used in farming and staking.

In this post we wanted to share a bit more info about how the $NOVA farms are coming along and a few details about the upcoming launch.

Below you can see our early WIP design prototype for the upcoming farms. Don’t mind the multipliers and APR as these are just these are early mocks and do not have any functionality yet. Also the texts used are just placeholders and everything is going to be tidied up on release.

As for the smart contracts we have settled on a goose fork with a few modifications to the source code. We will still keep the original code for MasterChef and timelock contracts. All the contracts to be audited by TechRate before farms launch.

Following pairs will be offered on launch.

  • $NOVA-BUSD 40X 💎
  • $NOVA-BNB 36X 💎
  • $VOID-BUSD 20X
  • $VOID-BNB 16X

All the numbers are preliminary and are yet to be finalized.

$NOVA launch, supply and distribution

Since we are a small team and most are working on a voluntary basis we cannot set a strict deadline for release. Everything will be released when ready, safe and tested. The preliminary ETA is set to 2nd week of April (12–18). We will be announcing the release of farms closer to these dates.

$NOVA will have an initial supply of 10,000 tokens. 5,000 $NOVA tokens will be distributed among the $VOID holders proportionally, based on a snapshot. We will announce the exact block/time when the snapshot will be taken. Initial liquidity for $NOVA will be provided by us. Listing price at around $1 per $NOVA. This means that with a 100k market cap the price of $NOVA can go up to $10 with such limited supply.


  • Token: $NOVA
  • Initial supply: 10,000
  • 5,000 distributed to $VOID holders
  • 5,000 to LP
  • Listing price: $1

More updates and news coming soon. So stay tuned!

On behalf of the team we thank you for continuous support and making this happend!